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EC Certification for railway line Sofia Voluyak
November 2018 - Italcertifer has been awarded of the NKGI procedure for the EC verification of the Infrastructure, Energy and CCS-Trackside Subsystems in compliance to the TSIs ...

ERCI Cybersecurity in Railways Task Force
On November 8th, 2018 Italcertifer will host in its laboratories of Florence-Osmannoro the "ERCI cybersecurity in Railways Task Force" organized by Ditecfer with the pa...

Rio Tinto
October 3rd 2018 – Rio Tinto: extended contract for Independent Safety Assessment of the CCS subsystem used in Australia on the Rio Tinto Mining Network (approx. 1300 Km) ...

Accreditation ISO 55001 for Italcertifer
On September 17th 2018 the Accredia Resolution Committee granted to Italcertifer the extension of the ISO/IEC 17021-1 accreditation for the certification of tangible asset manage...

01/12/2015 - Roma
Speed record for the new Frecciarossa 1000: 390 km/h during the tests organised by Italcertifer

07/10/2015 - Bucarest, Romania
Italcertifer at the Railway Pro Investment Summit

24/09/2015 - Trieste, Palazzo dei Congressi
Italcertifer plays a leading role at the international Railway Forum Italy-Balkans

16/06/2015 - Roma
Italcertifer lands in Iran