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Management Systems

Over the years Italcertifer has gained significant experience in certification procedures for rail products and subsystems, as well as in the approval of Quality Management Systems related to production (CD-SD-CH-CH1-SH1 modules).
Leveraging this experience in critical production areas and with the intent of minimizing time and cost, as of January 2015 Italcertifer is also making available to its customers the option to obtain certification for their main Management Systems.
This option is offered through targeted partnerships with other Certification Bodies that have the necessary accreditations and qualifications and thus are entitled to issue relevant certificates.

Some of the main Management Systems for which certification can be obtained include:

  • Quality Systems 9001:2008
  • Environmental Systems 14001:2004
  • Safety Systems OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Systems
  • Quality Requirements for Welding 3834:2006
  • Information Security Systems ISO 27001

Courtesy of PLC S.r.l.

Italcertifer’s official partner for certification of the above-mentioned Management Systems is PLC S.r.l:
Rail Recreational Craft Personnel Certification Management Systems