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With its consolidated knowledge and multiple accreditations recognized at both national and international levels, Italcertifer provides a wide range of services related to certification, inspection and third-party compliance assessment for the rail industry.

Italcertifer offers its customers all fundamental services for certification and inspection, needed to obtain the Authorisation for placing rail components, subsystems, vehicles and infrastructure into service, as required to meet national and European regulatory requirements and to compete in a global marketplace.

Italcertifer’s core activities include the following:

Notified Body (NoBo)
  •  Compliance assessment to the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) for interoperability constituents;
  •  Assessment of suitability for use of interoperability constituents;
  •  CE verification for all subsystems governed by the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs);

Independent Safety Assessor (ISA/DeBo)
  •  Assessments and certifications for obtaining Commissioning Authorization (AMIS) for structural subsystems and vehicles (including work vehicles);
  •  Assessments and certifications for obtaining Temporary Commissioning Authorization for test vehicles;
  •  Assessments and certifications for obtaining Temporary Commissioning Authorization for generic applications and first specifications;
  •  Assessments and certifications for obtaining authorization for use of generic products or components;
  •  Assessments of Risk Analyses in accordance with Regulation (CE) n.352/2009 (CSM Assessment);
  •  Assessments and certifications for obtaining RFI authorization to circulate in case of traffic restriction and for RUMO registration.

Accredited Product Certification Body ISO/IEC 17065
  •  Assessments and certifications for rail products, processes, and services in accordance with reference international standards (e.g. EN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC, UIC and others);

Accredited Type "A" Inspection Body ISO/IEC 17020:
  •  Inspections(*) of products, processes and services for the rail industry;
  •  Verification of design for building construction, works of civil engineering, installation and industrial plant works, aimed at obtaining validation according to Legislative Decree 163/06.

Certification Body recognized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure:
  •  Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) of Freight Wagons in accordance with Regulation (UE) 445/2011 and DM December 21, 2012 (GU no. 60 of 12-3-2013);

(*) Inspection is the examination of a product, process, service or installation, or of their design to determine conformity to specific requirements, or, based on professional judgment, to generic requirements.
Rail Recreational Craft Personnel Certification Management Systems