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Rolling Stock

Since 2012, when Italcertifer acquired Trenitalia’s Laboratorio Materiale Rotabile (Rolling Stock Laboratory) and RFI’s Centro Sperimentale (Experimental Center) based in Osmannoro (Florence, Italy), the company has set the standard in both the domestic and global industries as a test and measurement provider for granting type approval of rolling stock systems and components. The laboratory can provide all type approval tests required to obtain the Commissioning Authorization (AMIS) from ANSF (Italian Agency for Rail Safety) to put rolling stock into service as well as certification based on the TSIs. As a further acknowledgement of its capabilities, in 2015 the Test Laboratory has been granted the accreditation according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 by the Italian National Accreditation Body (Accredia).

Responsible Party and Contact:
Ing. Luca Bocciolini -



Electrical Tests

  • Test to verify harmonic emissions in traction power (Accredited ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Test to determine collection quality in the pantograph-catenary interaction
  • Test on static converters for rolling stock
  • Test on on-board technology system
  • Test to detect disturbances on RSC collectors
  • Test to detect electromagnetic emissions
  • Test to detect noise emissions
Responsible Party and Contact: Ing. Luca Bocciolini –

List of Tests and Applicable Regulations
Mechanical Tests
  • Running Dynamics (EN14363 – UIC518)
  • Wheelset instrumentation for measuring wheel-track interaction forces
  • Weighing (EN 50215 - Accredited ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Weighing (EN 14363)
  • Test to verify safety against low-speed derailment when running on twisted tracks (EN14363)
  • Measurement of Roll Coefficient (EN14363)
  • Aerodynamics (EN14067)
  • Comfort (EN12299)
  • Risk assessment of human exposure to vibrations (ISO 2631 – UNI-ISO-EN-5349)
  • Measurement of track geometry (UNI EN 13848)
  • Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Measurement of wheel profiles
  • Strain gauges to measure strains and forces
  • Measurement of acceleration
  • Static and dynamic measurement of rail profile on the whole rail line
  • Calculation of real-world wheel to rail equivalent conicity (UIC519)
Responsible Party and Contact: Ing. Fabio Piccioli –

List of Tests and Applicable Regulations
Braking Tests
  • Static tests on the operation of the braking system and its components.
  • Test to verify line service, definition of braked weight percentage, slip brake tests (test vehicle brake blocks, locomotive, power car)
  • Bench and on-track testing of the operation of anti-skid systems within typical parameters for compliance verification.
  • Criteria for pulleys, wheels, brake pads and stress analysis through braking tests on a dynamometric bench.
Responsible Party and Contact: Mr. Marco Fucini –

List of Tests and Applicable Regulations  

Infrastructure Rolling Stock Signalling