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Italcertifer reference test facility (RTF), shortly named “ITCF_EuroSV” is a technological accredited simulation environment for the execution of the test list specified in Subset-076 for the on-board ERTMS/ETCS equipment, and meets all the functional requirements (Subset-094) to check the behaviour of the system under test, at GSM-R and Eurobalise airgap interfaces, Odometry, ERTMS/ETCS DMI and at interface to data recording.

The scope of “ITCF_EuroSV” is to demonstrate the compliance with applicable TSI, and hence, EC Declaration of Conformity.


“ITCF_EuroSV” implements, where applicable, a real time architecture and treats the system under test as a black box, thanks to a well defined set of interfaces and pre-determined range of values. The interfaces are defined in Subset-026 and are covered by European specifications: our RTF interacts with the ERTMS/ETCS on-board equipment through these interfaces, always FFFIS or FIS compliant.

Conformity to cited Subset-094, Subset-076 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 has been verified by ACCREDIA (accreditation Italian company) and stated in the certificate of accreditation N°1490 B rev.0.

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